Waterflying in Germany or central Europe is still something exotic: Too much restrictions for flying on lakes and rivers are existing and interesting areas where flying is possible (like Sweden and Norway) are far away. Too far, for reaching these destinations easily: The typical seaplane is an old Piper Cup or a Cessna on floats, what immediately leads to strong limitations in view of payload, range and cruising speed. What is missing on the market is a modern seaplane with good performance, an acceptable payload and modern equipment that allows fast and efficient travelling under VMC and IMC conditions.

The Russian manufacturer Chaika brought a plane on the market in the early 2000s that combines all these advantages. But unfortunately, there is no EASA or FAA lincencing available, what makes it very difficult to buy one ready-to-fly and register it in Europe. The only way seems to be a quick-build kit, 50% ready, and licence it as experimental in Europe. Since some time, this is possible also for multi-engine planes and also for planes with IFR equipment.

We from Stingray Aviation have started a collaboration with Chaika Aircraft with the goal to develop a quick-build kit and provide support to customers to make it possible to get their own plane easily.