The SeaBear is a modern aircraft with two Rotax 915 turbocharged injection engines. This power plant is one of the most modern aircraft engines on the market and guarantees low operational costs and a good availability of spare parts. Furthermore, for long-distance flights over water, two engines guarantee a high safety: The single engine performance of the SeaBear is exceptionally good and makes an immediate emergency landing in case of an engine failure unnecessary.

The disadvantage of a twin-engine seaplane is that it is even more exotic than single-engine seaplanes and it is thus even more difficult to get a rating for such a plane.

As far as we know, it is almost impossible to do a MEP(sea) rating in Europe. It is our goal from Stingray Aviation to provide this possibility. Therefore discussions with the federal ministry and flight schools that are willing to operate multi-engine seaplanes.

At the moment, multi-engine are typically relatively large (as e.g. the Grumman Albatross or Widgeon) leading immediately to very high cost for the rating and high prices for training flights. The SeaBear would allow operational costs of less than €200 per hour.