Performance & Dimensions

The following data are valid for the L-44 with Rotax 914 engines. The new version of the plane – the L-45 – with two Rotax 915 engines (30 hp more power each) will show improved flight performance with a significantly better single engine performance and improved climb caracteristics.


Gross weight: 3,218 lbs (1460kg)

Empty weight: 1,830 lbs (830kg)

Useful load: 1390 lbs (630kg)

Load factor: +4 / -2


4 seats, dual control

Cabin width: 50 in (1,26m)

Cabin height: 55 in (1,39m)

Landing gear

Taildragger, retractable landing gear

Differential brakes on main wheels


2 engines

Rotax-914 ULF, 115 HP each

Airmaster 3-blade variable pitch propeller

Take-off & Landing

Take-off distance at max gross weight: 800 feet (ground/water) (250 m)

Landing distance (land/water): max. 1000 ft (300 m)

Max. climb rate: 1000 ft/min (5 m/s)


Cruise speed: 118 kt (economical cruise) (220 km/h)

Max speed: 130 kt (fast cruise) (240 km/h)

Take-off speed: 43 kt (80 km/h)

Stall speed at full flaps: 40 kt (75 km/h)


Range: 1350 nm (2500 км)

Service ceiling: 13 000 ft (4000m)

Glide Ratio: 12

Endurance: 12,5 hours


Auto Fuel 95 or AVGAS 100LL

Fuel consumption: 10,5 gph (40l/h)

Fuel capacity: 132 US gallons (500l)


Length: 29 ft (8,9m)

Wing span: 46 ft (14m)

Wing area: 204 sq ft (19 sq m)

Height: 8,5 ft (2,5m)