The Project

Phase I

In the first phase of the project, the performance of the new plane (L-45E) with Rotax 915 fuel injection engines will be evaluated by an experienced test pilot. This pilot will investigate flight performance, stability, safety etc. and judge if the plane is a good design from the aerodynamical point of view. If successful, the first important milestone in this project has been achieved.
Milestone 1: L-45E suitable for the European/North American market
In parallel, an licensing expert will judge if the construction fulfills the high standards (e.g. CS-23) we have in Europe and – also important – if the kit includes max. 49% of the work needed to build the plane. This is a requirement for licencing the kit. Based on the results, the quick build (QB) kit content will be fixed and next steps in licensing will be defined.
Milestone 2: Content of the QB-kit defined
It is expected that this first pase will be finished in late 2018 or early 2019.

Phase II

In the second project phase, the manufacturing drawings and all required calculations/drawings will be prepared (which means mainly a translation into english as all these Information are already available) and a first report needed for licensing has to be written. In total, there will be three reports required for licencing.
Milestone 3: Calculations and manufacturing drawings available, first report written
Once done, the manufacturing of a prototype QB kit will be started. All components will be tested and shipped afterwards to Europe for assembly. In parallel, the engineering for the avionics will be done and also interior, painting etc. will be prepared.
Milestone 4: Kit manufactured and all accompanying testing successful
This second phase includes mainly the 2019 work.

Phase III

In the third project phase, the QB-kit will be assembled and an instruction manual for assembly, a pilot handbook and a maintenance manual will be written. Also the second Report is now due. As result, the plane will be ready for flight testing.
Milestone 5: L-45E ready for flight testing, required documentation available
Test flights will be done and the plane will be licenced. Now, a third and final report has to be written.
Milestone 6: Flight tests successfully passed, L-45E licenced
The third project phase will start in late 2019 and last until 2021.

Once these three phases are successful, a QB-kit incl. a demonstrator with full documentation will become available for all pilots in Europe and Northern America. We hope that the success of this project will contribute significantly to the success of waterflying in future as now a fast and safe, affordable seaplane with four seats is available.